Digital Marketing Tool

Digimoto is a digital marketing tool that makes it easy to publish targeted content for your social media marketing, newsletters and email campaigns. All can be created in advance and then posted at specified days and times. Easy follow up through easy to use analysis.

Social Media

Set the date and time of day for your post(s) to go out and tell the system which social media channels you wish the post to go out on. Send a single post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages and set it to go out at a specific date/time.

Look at each post made to see the total engagement; likes, comments, and shares. If the post has a link to follow, know instantly how many click-throughs you received on the link.

Monitor audience growth on your social media channels during the last week, month, quarter or year. Determine which channels are growing and which channels need attention.

Cut and paste or type in a link into your post and Digimoto will automatically shorten it for you, making the link friendlier for your audience.

Have a favorite RSS feed you wish to monitor or use for reposting? Digimoto allows you to create your own lists of RSS feeds and with a simple click you can repost, edit or add a comment before posting.

Go directly to Google Analytics without having to log out. Use the power of Google Analytics to see how users reach your website via web, social media or mobile.

Engagement reporting will show you all of the posts you made through Digimoto during a specified time frame, by week, month, quarter or year. You will quickly see which post had the most likes, comments and shares, giving you the ability to emulate posts that work best. You can also change the setting to see which channel where the posts worked best when a single post was sent to multiple channels.

Overview of your post performance including organic reach and paid reach from Facebook, check your responses directly in the tool

Email Marketing

With Digimoto’s integrated composer, you can use the same scheduler for your emails and newsletters as you do for your social media. The composer allows for you to create customized templates for design and content of your email marketing.

Digimoto creates a unique script for you to add to your website to capture emails directly into Digimoto for subscribers to your newsletter or blog postings. Have more than one offering on your website, no problem to create multiple email buckets for the different offerings.

Digimoto will generate the unique landing page with subscribe form for each email contact list. The link to the landing page can be used to distribute via any channel and convert your traffic more efficient.

Import an email list into a specified group using a CSV (comma separated variable) file. Overwrite an existing file or add new.

Create your emails or newsletters now and schedule them to go out later. You can create as many emails or newsletters as you like and have them go out at specified dates and time of day to maximize the audience engagement.

For every email or newsletter sent there will be a report generated specifying the open rate along with any click-throughs on embedded links within the email or newsletter, including social media links.

Create as many templates as you need for your email and newsletter marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Mobile App

Available to all clients whether they use Android or Apple devices. They can simply go to the App store and download the app for the device desired.

Use the same post and schedule the offer to go to your loyalty app with specific start and stop dates. The offer will only be available for view by your customers during the offer period.

Have more than one loyalty program for your business? No problem, Digimoto allows you to create, post to and monitor multiple programs from the same login.

Provide your loyalty customers with a simple code that you create for them to access your loyalty program through their mobile devices. In this way, you know that those receiving the offer have opted-in and are more likely to respond to your offering.


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